About Us

Hebaco General Trading (L.L.C.) is an experienced UAE based company in field of supplying Oil& Gas, Chemical & industrial equipment, Packages, Material, Parts along with related Engineering services and documentation for more than a decade.

The Head office in Dubai is handling Middle East, Europe & Africa Regions business as well as controlling our overseas branches. Due to extend our worldwide business and in order to have more accurate, faster and more competitive contacts and job handling we setup our first branch office in Tokyo, Japan to serve better in Asia & Pacific Region. Then we established our second branch in California, USA to serve North America’s West Coast to and South America and third branch is Toronto Branch Office to serve better in North America’s East Coast Region.

It would be our great pleasure take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as supplier of oil & gas as well as multiple packages for different oil & gas consumers and projects worldwide as listed below:

  • Bulk Fluids, Crude Oil, Diesel, etc. (ME & EU Origin)
  • Different chemical materials for Petrochemical and Oil & Gas and Industrial purposes, (EU Origin)
  • Vapor Recovery Units (EU Origin)
  • Gas treatments such as H2S removal, CO2 Removal, De hydration, TEG and MEG (EU Origin)
  • Fresh water treatment package (Italy Origin)
  • Oily Water treatment package (UK Origin)
  • Pressure Safety Valves (EU Origin)
  • Wellhead control panel (EU/ Singapore Origin)
  • Sampling System (Italy/UK Origin)
  • Chemical Injection/Dosing Package (Italy/UK Origin)
  • Life Boats & Rafts (Netherlands Origin)
  • Direct/Indirect Heaters (Singapore/UK Origin)
  • Heat Exchanger and Reboilers (Netherlands Origin)
  • Air Coolers (Netherlands Origin)
  • Centrifugal and reciprocating pumps (Italy/Spain Origin)
  • Different instrumentation with EU origin (Level, Pressure, Flow, Temperature and Analyzers)
  • All types of explosion proof electrical items (UK Origin)
  • Power transformers (UK Origin)
  • Different type of valves, Ball, gate, Globe & Butterfly (UK/Spain/Italy origin)

The main activities of the company in Water and Wastewater are:

Wastewater treatment
Wastewater treatment (municipal and industrial)
Water desalination
Large pump stations

Another major activity of the company is Supplying of mechanical equipment required by the water and wastewater treatment plant.

Due to an intelligent planning and collaborative work team, HEBACO. now is a well-known establishment in the field of water and wastewater treatment and is one of the most reliable contractors internationally.

  • The following equipment and devices are Supply:
  • Drinking water industrial water & wastewater treatment plants.
  • Water & waste- water treatment plant equipment.
  • Pump station Equipment
  • Vertical & horizontal sand filter.
  • Various types of softeners (automatic & hand operated)
  • Chemical feeding systems.
  • Chlorination systems (Gases & solution)
  • Rotating scraper for settling tank
  • Chain scraper for settling tanks
  • Traveling bridge scraper
  • Surface aerators, low speed / fiber glass turbine & metal
  • Mechanical screen
  • All kinds of flocculators
  • Airlift
  • Penstocks-hand and motor driven
  • Flotation system

MEP (Mechanical Electrical Piping) Equipment

  • Electrical Equipment :

Main Distribution Board (MDB)
Sub Main Distribution Board (SMDB)
Distribution Board (DB)
Capacitor Banks (CB)
Motor Control Center (MCC)
Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)
Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)
Backup & Stand By Generator
Bus Duct Trunking
Tap Off Boxes
Bus Bars
Armored Cables
Normal Cables
Fiber Optics & Connections
Coaxial Cables & BNC Connections
Cat-6 Cables & RJ-45 Connections
Cable & Wire Connectors and Termination Kits
Cable Terminals
PVC Cable Trunkings
Steel Cable Trunkings
Cable Tray
Lightning Control & Earthing System
Disconnector Switch
Isolator Switch
Digital & Analogue Measuring Devices
Control Device
Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB)
Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB)
Circuit Breaker (CB)
Industrial Sockets
Steel & PVC Wiring Accessories
Light Fittings
Exhaust Fans
Building Management System (BMS)
Close Circuit Television System (CCTV)
Audio & Video Intercom System
Satellite Television Systems (SATV)
Gate Barrier System
Automatic Garage Door Opener Systems

  • Mechanical Equipment : 

Chilled Water Pumps
Fresh Air Handling Unit (FAHU)
Package A/C Units
Duct Split A/C Units
Decorative A/C Units
Fan Coil Unit (FCU)
Jet Fans
Ventilation Fans
A/C Grills & Diffusers
A/C & Ventilation Ducts

  • Piping Equipment : 

Water Supply and Irrigation Pumps
Measuring Devises
PVC Pipes
PVC Fittings
UPVC Pipes
UPVC Fittings
Steel Pipes
Steel Fittings
Steel Flanges
Stainless Steel Pipes
Stainless Steel Fittings
Stainless Steel Flanges
Water Heaters

  • Fire Protection :

Fire Alarm & Voice Evacuation System
Fire Pump Set
Fire Hose Reel, Cabinet & Accessories
Emergency Lighting Systems
Central Battery System
Fire Resistance Cables

Our business built based on costumers satisfaction and our mission in several years of serving is to achieve it in hundred percent.