Due to an intelligent planning and collaborative work team, HEBACO now is a well-known establishment in the field of supplying mechanical equipment required by the water and wastewater treatment plant and is one of the most reliable contractors internationally.


Wastewater treatment


Wastewater treatment (municipal and industrial)


Water desalination


Large pump stations


The following equipment and devices are Supply:

·       Drinking water industrial water & wastewater treatment plants.

·       Water & waste- water treatment plant equipment.

·       Pump station Equipment

·       Vertical & horizontal sand filter.

·       Various types of softeners (automatic & hand operated)

·       Chemical feeding systems.

·       Chlorination systems (Gases & solution)

·       Rotating scraper for settling tank

·       Chain scraper for settling tanks

·       Traveling bridge scraper

·       Surface aerators, low speed / fiber glass turbine & metal

·       Mechanical screen

·       All kinds of flocculators

·       Airlift

·       Penstocks-hand and motor driven

·       Flotation system