Business Development

We offer a wide range of services to assist you develop your business by close relation with expert commercial lawyers, Accountants, Designers and third party experts in United Arab Emirates (Federal and Each Emirate laws), Japan (Federal and Each Prefectures laws), United States of America (Federal and Each State laws) and Canada (Federal and Each Provence laws) such as:

Business Management

We can assist you to develop your business internationally by manage your over seas

business as master franchise by finding investors, sell your franchise / branches, sign contract, manage, follow-up, instruct, protect your brand, collect payment and run business on behalf of you.


Find reliable people to invest on your existing business by direct invest, buy share, joint venture, franchise, buy branch or partnership.


Advise you the most suitable form and the best structure to start your new business or extend your existing business such as registration of new corporation, company, enterprise, affiliate, subsidiary or Branch

Legal works

Assist you to prepare all legal documentation, official translation, Partnership structure, certificate of incorporation, Memorandum of association, Franchise contract, get related Permits and licenses.

Brand & Copyright Registration

To protect your brand name and copyright we can assist you register all your Brand, Trade Names, Trademarks, Logos in accordance to local and international copyright laws.


Provide you be best accounting services through licensed and experienced   chartered accountants assist you for book keeping, Prepare and Submit Tax related document, Payroll preparation, Annual Audit Report and other accounting related jobs.


Assist you to open business bank accounts, get terminal and POS Machines, Online and Secure Payment Gateway.

Real Estate

Assist to find, lease, rent or buy the best and most suitable place for your business such as: office, shop, showroom and warehouse, accommodation etc.

Interior design

Introduce you the expert and professional interior designers and contractor to design, makeup, furnish, decorate, automation, and make your place ready to start your professional business.


Offer you several sources to get right people for your business by employment, recruitment and manpower supply for any Full Time, Part Time, Salary Base, Commission Base and combinations.


Provide you a several means of Advertisement methods and materials such as:

Design and print Posters, Brochures, Menus, Catalogs, Calendars, Dairies, fliers, Magazines,

Advertise in Local Medias Such As: Magazines, Newspapers, Radio, TV, Billboards.

Online advertisement like: Google, different Social Medias, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

Online Services

Design. Update, Maintain the professional and suitable websites, register domains, web hosting service, Business Email and Online Sale,

If you would like any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. We look forward to the pleasure of serving you and assure you that your enquires will have our best attention.